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You have reached the appointment site for Dr. William Lee Mangrum. That's me . . . and I much prefer that you call me "Bill." I teach in the Writing Program at Fort Lewis College (Durango, CO). I also teach in the Religious Studies  and the John F. Reed Honors Program. These three programs complement each other and I am fortunate to work in each department.

Among persons concerned about higher education, one-to-one student consultations are known to be effective in student retention for colleges. Furthermore, personalized attention by faculty greatly increases student motivation and enhances overall learning. As an instructor at Fort Lewis College, my goal is to meet privately with every student from each of my classes at least once every semester.

With five classes . . . this isn't easy to do. In order to facilitate the scheduling necessary for this plan to work, I have set up this webpage. Please enter your name and FLC email address for the day and time which works best for you.

An email will confirm your appointment. A reminder will also be sent to you. Of course, if you need to re-schedule you may always visit here again. Remember, unless we agree otherwise I’ll see you in Noble Hall 234. Bring your work and your questions. I look forward to seeing you!



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